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The Big Give: Kentuckiana 2023

  • August 22, 2023
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Virtual Conference Bridge


  • Use if you are a member of another ATD chapter - code required.

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Session Details

This month we will focus on giving back to one another and the chapter! Please bring a tip or piece of advice to share orally with the group.  It could be your favorite blog, the best app you found in 2022 and 2023, a great book or article, a training tip, or see list below and attached for more examples:

Question: What can I share for the “Big Give”?

Answer: Share a 60-second tip, a tool, or a professional recommendation that will make a real difference for a fellow talent development professional.


  • Share something that another talent developer (designer, developer, stand-up/online trainer, evaluator, coach, consultant, training manager) could use to improve their professional practice.
  • Please –Your give should not be self-serving! It shouldn’t be about you or a service or product you sell. This is the “Big Give”! (In fact, this would be the perfect time to “Give” a testimonial about a competitor you admire or is doing something you respect.)   

Some “Gives” that you could share:

  • A print or online magazine that gives a lot of value or even a specific magazine article that made an impact on you this past year
  • Your favorite blogger or even a specific blog There are so many insightful and informative bloggers out there and most of us will never find them, unless you share your favorites with us.
  • Application from an Earlier Chapter Meeting Use this time to reach back into the year and give us some best practices for how you’ve applied knowledge from an earlier chapter meeting.
  • A Book – What book did you read in 2023 (or even before) that you’d like to share with your fellow professionals? None of us have the time to read everything we want to read, but you could provide the recommendation for the book that could change 2022 for a peer.
  • An app (application) – There are apps for preparing someone for a training class (the flipped classroom), for using in the classroom, for encouraging transfer of training, for doing quick surveys, and so many more.   Share your favorite app and make someone’s day!
  • A tip Share a tip about how you energize a class, how you manage disruptive classroom behavior, how you lure folks away from their phones (or even use them to your advantage in the classroom), your favorite way to pull people into a webinar, your favorite needs assessment question, or your favorite coaching question.
  • A tool Share a software program or paper tool that you use to your advantage. Tools could include those that assist with assessment, design, development, implementation, evaluation, application of training, coaching, managing the training function, or others.
  • A message – Consider sharing a message for 2023.  Your message could be as simple as “Pivot”, or as complex as the training equivalent of E=mc2 (OK, maybe not quite the equivalent of that, but you get the picture.)
  • An expert – Share your trainer or consultant - Though you may know this person well, others may not know them at all.  What if you are new to the field and had never heard of Thiagi, Ruth Clark, Bob Pike, or Jack Phillips? You have the opportunity to share some information that could make a real difference for a colleague.
  • A myth Share a myth in the training world that you want to bust (and that made a difference for you).  We have as many myths in training and talent development as any other industry.
  • A new way of doing something that you have discovered and that could help others (that you are not selling - J For example: I’ve found a new way of starting classes that doesn’t include standard introductions or I have a game that participants are crazy about.
  • An awesome icebreaker We all use icebreakers at some time.  Share one of your favorites.
  • A way to engage learners: online or in the classroom – Your idea could be a new way to pair people together that starts conversations or a way to get tables to be comfortable and start to work together.
  • A gameGamification and Agile are big these days. Share what you know with your peers.

About Our Speakers - YOU!!!

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