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2023 IMPACT Awards

The ATD Kentuckiana IMPACT Awards recognize organizations that exemplify excellence in talent development and make a profound impact on their organizations. Please review this web page and complete the form at the bottom of this page to submit your entry.

Winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony in December.


Who is eligible?


Program developed and completed by a training, learning, or talent/organizational development team within the organization.


Program developed and completed primarily by a single individual in the training, learning or talent/organizational development profession.

Award Categories

Winners in the 3 major categories will receive a "Best in Class" award*.  The top-scoring applications from each major category will be evaluated based on the overall IMPACT the initiative had on the organization, their clients and/or audience to determine the 2023 "BEST IN SHOW" IMPACT Award winner.  

 Talent Management Organizational Development   Learning Solutions
 Integrated Talent Management  Performance Improvement  Learning Technology
 Coaching & Mentoring  Change Management  Knowledge Management
 Leadership / Management Development  Diversity & Inclusion   Design & Delivery

Talent Management

Integrated Talent Management

  • A practice which strategically unites multiple human capital functions to maximize organizational effectiveness and results in building culture, engagement, capacity and capability.

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Systematic approach to improve others' ability to set goals, take action and maximize strengths.

Leadership Development

  • Developing the competencies of existing and emerging leaders and managers, including a focus on "human" skills associated with EQ, communication and critical thinking skills.

Organizational Development

Performance Improvement

  • Systematic approach for analyzing human performance gaps and designing, developing and implementing solutions to close the gaps.

Change management

  • Systematic approach for moving organizations, individuals and teams from current state to a desired state.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Practices designed to address challenges and opportunities related to diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.

Learning Solutions

Learning Technology

  • Practices that use technology to address learning needs and engage the workforce.

Knowledge Management

  • Capturing, distributing, and archiving intellectual capital to encourage knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Design and Delivery

  • Designing and delivering formal and informal learning solutions using a variety of methods resulting in training that is both engaging and effective.

* ATDKY reserves the right to select more than one winner in each category should it deem appropriate.

Additional Details

  • Awards for individuals and organizations will be judged using the same criteria.

    • A separate application should be submitted for each initiative. 

    • Consultants may submit an application on their own behalf or for a client.   If they are submitting an application for an initiative involving a client, they must provide the client’s written permission.
    • You may include additional documents to support your entry by emailing them to impact@atdky.org.

      • Please do not include the name of the organization or program name (if it references the organization) or any identifying information in your application or supporting documents.
      • The Awards Committee may select multiple recipients if deemed appropriate.
      • To review the application prior to submitting, you can download a Word version here.  Submit your formal application via the online portal.

      Scoring Rubric

       Needs 0-20pts
      • The team implemented a thorough and timely process to understand the business or organizational need, problem or challenge.
      Design & Delivery  0-20pts 
      • The team employed the appropriate learning approach to achieve the desired outcome.
      • The team collaborated with stakeholders to design, develop and communicate the initiative.
      • The team fully considered the alignment of the initiative with organizational goals, talent strategy and desired outcomes. 


      • The team implemented a process to assess the impact of the initiative and the effectiveness of the solution.
      • The team applied appropriate learning analytics in identifying trends and evaluating results including what data is measured, why and how frequently.
      • The evaluation strategy measures the original desired outcome of the initiative.
       Results 0-35pts 
      • The results of the program produce a measurable positive outcome.
      • The team provides metrics / data that supports improvement against the original objective.
      • The team provides evidence of the organizational impact or individual/team impact.
      Knowledge Sharing0-5 pts 
      • The team identifies lessons learned and how the initiative has resulted in improvements.
      • The team actively communicates the lessons learned or results of the learning outcome.

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