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2021 IMPACT Awards

The ATD Kentuckiana IMPACT Awards recognize organizations that exemplify excellence in talent development and make a profound impact on their organizations. Please review this web page and complete the form at the bottom of this page to submit your entry.

Winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony in December.


Meet Our Judges

Esther Jackson

Dr. Esther Jackson serves as an ATD National Advisor for Chapters and is a Past President, ATD Detroit Chapter.  She is a college instructor and consultant in project management and instructional design and is a frequent contributor to TD Magazine. Esther holds a doctorate in education and a master's in instructional technology.  Her upcoming book Adaptability in Talent Development will be released in September 2021. 

Rob Lauber

From 2014-2020 Rob was Global CLO for McDonald's Corp responsible for learning and talent development  across 37,000 restaurants around the world.  Prior to his role at McDonald's he was VP at Yum! University at Yum! Brands. In 2013 Rob was named CLO of the Year by Chief Learning Officer Magazine.  Currently  is Founder of XLO Global, LLC - a strategic consultancy and advisory firm.

Bonnie Moore

Bonnie serves as an ATD National Advisor for Chapters and leadership conference chair. A nationally and globally recognized talent development leader, she advises organizations in leadership development, executive coaching, instructional design and team dynamics. Her experience includes working with organizations in diverse industries including corporate, nonprofit, and education.

Tim Slade

Tim Slade is speaker, author, and award-winning freelance eLearning designer.  He is the creator of the popular ATD "Ask a Trainer" Video Series. Tim has been recognized and awarded multiple times for his creative and innovative design aesthetics. Always a fan favorite, Tim is a regular speaker at various international eLearning conferences and author of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook.

Bruce Mabee

Bruce is charter member of the CPTD (CPLP) and has served over 10 years as a reviewer in ATD's Excellence in Practice and Best awards.  He has consulted with over 140 organizations in the US, Europe and Asia, including Walgreens, Conoco Phillips and Rush Medical Center. Bruce has trained over 1000 leaders worldwide in strategic leadership and change. 

Who is eligible?


Program developed and completed by a training, learning, or talent/organizational development team within the organization.


Program developed and completed primarily by a single individual in the training, learning or talent/organizational development profession.

Award Categories

Winners in the 3 major categories will receive a "Best in Class" award*.  The top-scoring applications from each major category will be evaluated based on the overall IMPACT the initiative had on the organization, their clients and/or audience to determine the 2021 "BEST IN SHOW" IMPACT Award winner.  

 Talent Management Organizational Development   Learning Solutions
 Integrated Talent Management  Performance Improvement  Learning Technology
 Coaching & Mentoring  Change Management  Knowledge Management
 Leadership / Management Development  Diversity & Inclusion   Design & Delivery

Talent Management

Integrated Talent Management

  • A practice which strategically unites multiple human capital functions to maximize organizational effectiveness and results in building culture, engagement, capacity and capability.

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Systematic approach to improve others' ability to set goals, take action and maximize strengths.

Leadership Development

  • Developing the competencies of existing and emerging leaders and managers, including a focus on "human" skills associated with EQ, communication and critical thinking skills.

Organizational Development

Performance Improvement

  • Systematic approach for analyzing human performance gaps and designing, developing and implementing solutions to close the gaps.

Change management

  • Systematic approach for moving organizations, individuals and teams from current state to a desired state.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Practices designed to address challenges and opportunities related to diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.

Learning Solutions

Learning Technology

  • Practices that use technology to address learning needs and engage the workforce.

Knowledge Management

  • Capturing, distributing, and archiving intellectual capital to encourage knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Design and Delivery

  • Designing and delivering formal and informal learning solutions using a variety of methods resulting in training that is both engaging and effective.

* ATDKY reserves the right to select more than one winner in each category should it deem appropriate.

Additional Details

  • Awards for individuals and organizations will be judged using the same criteria.

    • A separate application should be submitted for each initiative. 

    • Consultants may submit an application on their own behalf or for a client.   If they are submitting an application for an initiative involving a client, they must provide the client’s written permission.
    • You may include additional documents to support your entry by emailing them to impact@atdky.org.

      • Please do not include the name of the organization or program name (if it references the organization) or any identifying information in your application or supporting documents.
      • The Awards Committee may select multiple recipients if deemed appropriate.
      • To review the application prior to submitting, you can download a Word version here.  Submit your formal application via the online portal.

      Scoring Rubric

       Needs 0-20pts
      • The team implemented a thorough and timely process to understand the business or organizational need, problem or challenge.
      Design & Delivery  0-20pts 
      • The team employed the appropriate learning approach to achieve the desired outcome.
      • The team collaborated with stakeholders to design, develop and communicate the initiative.
      • The team fully considered the alignment of the initiative with organizational goals, talent strategy and desired outcomes. 


      • The team implemented a process to assess the impact of the initiative and the effectiveness of the solution.
      • The team applied appropriate learning analytics in identifying trends and evaluating results including what data is measured, why and how frequently.
      • The evaluation strategy measures the original desired outcome of the initiative.
       Results 0-25pts 
      • The results of the program produce a measurable positive outcome.
      • The team provides metrics / data that supports improvement against the original objective.
      • The team provides evidence of the organizational impact or individual/team impact.
      Knowledge Sharing0-5 pts 
      • The team identifies lessons learned and how the initiative has resulted in improvements.
      • The team actively communicates the lessons learned or results of the learning outcome.

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